• Manual Therapy

  • Manual therapy is an important component of physical therapy based on evidence-based science as well as the therapeutic art of healing.  Massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization and Strain-Counterstrain are some of the types of manual therapy you can expect to experience at Mount Washington Physical Therapy.  

    Types of Manual Therapy

    The aim of massage and myofascial release is improve the quality of the muscles and connective tissues as well as to sooth and improve the function of the nerves embedded within the soft tissues.  With injury and aging there can be formation of scar tissue, loss of length and loss of mobility of the individual muscle cells or fibers.  Normal gliding of the layers of connective tissue can also result in pain and stiffness as well as constriction of the blood flow and lymphatic circulation.  Massage can help to break down adhesions and scar tissue while improving circulation and blood flow helping to deliver healthy oxygen while removing build up of cellular waste.

    Joint mobilization is a type of manual therapy aimed to reduce pain and improve normal joint motion and freedom of movement.  Joint stiffness, a result of arthritic conditions, aging and the modern sedentary lifestyle can lead to muscle weakness and painful movement.  Regaining normal joint mobility is an important aim in physical therapy.  Normally, we do not employ the type of manipulations such as those performed by chiropractors.  Physical therapy tends to use the more gentle approach without the 'crack' associated with chiropractic manipulations.  In some instances, however, we will use manipulations with your permission in order to free up stuck joints.

    Strain Counterstrain is a powerful, yet gentle form of manual therapy used to re-educate muscle and resolve spasms and tender points located throughout the body.  When massage is not indicated or tolerated this gentle approach can achieve equally successful results.

    Both Bonnie and Joshua are highly skilled manual therapists with the many years of experience required to achieve the ability to heal through the laying on of hands.