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    Located in the heart of Mount Washington Village, on Sulgrave Avenue, Mount Washington Physical Therapy is here to help you with all of your physical therapy needs. With flexible scheduling and free parking, we offer you personalized treatment and attention. Our goal is to help you feel better quickly and back to doing what you enjoy.

  • Testimonials

  • I injured my ankle playing rugby and had to get back to being match-ready within a limited time frame. My first appointment at the clinic was scheduled very promptly, and from then on I was able to book further appointments on a regular basis, as suited my particular situation. Joshua was always very friendly and willing to help and, through his knowledge of my injury and the appropriate treatment plan, got me back playing rugby ahead of schedule. Ultimately, I would definitely recommend the clinic to anyone seeking physical therapy treatment.

    Nic Roderick, Rugby Player

  • "I came to Joshua with hip and rib problems and had a series of sessions, each of which left me relaxed and painless. I particularly valued Joshua's professional and holistic approach as not only was he able to relieve me from my pain but he also gave me great tips on my posture and bad habits that I've picked up over the years. His useful advice on equipment that further helped me keep old habits at bay and exercises I can do at home were also crucial in remaining healthy and pain free."

    Yvona Brandstatterova, MSc

  • After over 18 months of heel/foot pain I reached the point to which I could not weight-bear. Bad news for a fitness instructor; I had to cancel all class teaching. A complete life-change was an understatement. During this time seeking the correct treatment for my heel pain included various and costly interventions (bed rest, injections, crutches, strapping etc). I was beginning to think I’d never be able to walk normally again, let alone resume teaching, and running was out of the question. After being advised by a former specialist that it was ‘non-specific pain’ and that the only thing left for me was pain management I returned to my doctor, who suggested I went to see Joshua Wies. The cause of my pain was instantly found and treatment began immediately. I have now even returned to running, and hope to regain my previous levels of fitness very soon. Thank you Joshua, you’ve taught me to trust my own instincts, but more importantly respect my injury and get treatment before it worsens.

    Julie Grant, Fitness Instructor

  • Physical therapy is an active method to help you regain your function, reduce or eliminate pain, prevent injuries, improve posture and body mechanics for activities of daily living and teach you to help yourself and avoid recurring problems.  Physical therapy includes, amongst many things, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy, joint mobilizations of the spine and joints of the body, massage and soft tissue mobilizations and the use of modalities.  Modalities include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser, moist heat, ice, paraffin bath and other forms of energy applied to the body to induce a therapeutic change.  

    We work closely with your specialist doctor to provide you with pain relief while restoring your ability to engage in work and recreation.  The emphasis in physical therapy is to help you return to full participation in achieving your goals of enjoying a pain free life.


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  • Latest News

    Get Better Balance At Any Age

    Balance is a critical part of mobility and enjoying life, and loss of balance can lead to falls. When we’re young, we often brush off a fall, but with age, falls can lead to serious injury and loss of function. Every year, falls affect one in three people aged 65 and older, but often these falls could be prevented! What is Balance From the moment in life when we first lift our head to explore [...]

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    Prevention and Treatment of Walking and Running Injuries

    For health and well-being, few things can beat exercise, and one of the best ways to stay or get in shape is walking or running. It requires very little in the way of equipment or cost and is accessible to anyone able to walk or run. No initial training is required and it gets you outdoors and in touch with the natural elements. Unfortunately, nothing is without risk and many develop walking [...]

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